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The Ultimate Guide to 3d Mink Lashes

The Ultimate Guide to 3d Mink Lashes

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Brief Introduction
What Are 3d Mink Lashes?
What are Mink Lashes?
Types Of Mink Lashes 
How To Clean Mink Lashes

Mink lashes are a popular lash type, and for a good reason. They're luxurious; they're glamorous, they're expensive, they're Instagram gold.

However, they're not one-size-fits-all. There are many different types of mink lash styles, and they all have different effects on the eye. So, what's the point of this post?


3d Mink Lashes A Brief Introduction

Mink false lashes come in many different lengths and styles, but most of them have a mink on one side. If you've never heard of mink lashes before, they're usually available in a different color than the coating on the lash, such as black, brown, pink, etc. This is called a "3-D" or "3-layer" mink, and it doesn't refer to the length of the lashes or their order but the laying of the lashes on the strip.

The real mink fur is combined with short and long hair giving the lash strip natural lashes or the look of natural lashes. 3d lashes also come in silk or (faux mink lashes) a synthetic lash, but the winner of the 3d style of false eyelashes is mink.

With mink, your curls are longer and semi-permanent if you don't get them wet. But, of course, you can always re-fluff your mink lashes if you get them wet. People love this style because they are the most fluffy and wispy lashes out there.

So what type of natural eyelashes is best for you? Since there are so many different styles, we will get into the most popular lengths.


What Are Mink 3d Lashes?

3D lashes, typically mentioned as faux mink lashes or luxe lashes, are among the most recent falsies on the market and have lately created quite the excitement within the beauty world. Not only are they stunning, reaching breathtaking lengths, and designed to embrace luxury and wonder, but they're also completely different from the quality false lashes you'd typically find.

What Does 3d Mean in the lash world?

Showing the difference of the other lashes vs the 3d mink lashes

3D by definition means three-dimensional, which suggests these eyelashes have fuzzy layered ends that stop them from laying flat, instantly boosting the texture/dimension of your eyes. The lashes will still fit nicely on your lash line. Still, their equipped definition causes them to flip a touch more, creating a bouncier, fuller-looking lash. 3D lashes also hold a curl far better, allowing you to raised shape your lashes and keeping them intact for extended.

3D lashes have a layered effect. They're handcrafted by mixing different sizes of lashes, combining short and long hairs giving the lashes a more voluminous, fluffy look. This method, overall, tends to be more glamorous and stylish. 3D lashes are your best bet to realize ultimate drama if you're checking out more noticeable lashes.


When 3D mink lashes were first launched, they were costly and worn only by high-profile celebrities. A couple of years in, 3D lashes are cheaper and readily accessible through a spread of beauty outlets. Lately, anyone can wear (and afford) them!

What are mink Lashes?

Mink lashes are natural fur that's obtained from the animal minks, usually Siberian or Chinese mink which in turn is high quality. The animals' tails are gently brushed to gather the fur, which is correctly sterilized and cleaned to ensure the top quality of the extensions and to scale back the likelihood of an allergy to a minimum. It's an easy procedure for the animal and cruelty-free.

Because mink eyelash extensions are made up of natural fur, they need an innate quality that can't be matched to synthetic fibers. Often, people might not recognize that you simply are wearing lash extensions and confuse them together with your lashes.

Because of their higher price for extensions, mink eyelashes are preferred by users and recommended by lash experts due to their top quality and natural look. Many celebrities also prefer this sort of eyelash extension. Flash eyelashes that are strips, are affordable to everyone.

Types of mink lashes


There is a spread of mink lash extensions that you can choose between counting on how dramatic a glance you'd wish to have for the subsequent few months. Generally, we will arrange them into three principal categories:


Strip mink lashes, which produce a natural look and are hard to differentiate from your lashes. The hairs are soft, ultra-fine, and lightweight and can cause no problems while wearing them, while at an equivalent time supplying you with that beautiful look that you've been daydreaming of.3d mink strip lash

3D mink lashes are cluster-style lashes for a more dramatic look, vivid, shiny and can cause you to stand out. They're going to make your eyes pop, but due to the gentle nature of the mink hairs, you'll still have a natural look. You can get the 3D look with both Strips and individual lashes. 



Individual minks are preferred for those that want to possess a glance as on the brink of the natural as possible. Genuine mink extensions are so light that you can apply several minks per natural lash to offer the eyes a feathery yet lightweight and soft look.

Person getting individual mink lashes

No matter which sort of mink lash extensions you'll choose, you'll get excellent quality and long-lasting experience. There's no subsite for getting such a natural look and wonder from synthetic extensions.

Types of 3d Mink Lashes

The most popular Mink lash style is the25mm 3d Mink, with which you can achieve the least restricted effect on the eye. The "3d" refers to the fact that you need a double layer on your eyes.

The effect is extremely dramatic, and therefore, many lash-wearers don't like wearing them over the top of any other eye makeup. However, it also has the most prominent effect on the eyelid. You can have the benefit of more volume, but if you don't have eyebrows or eyeliner in the shape that the lash is placed, you may end up with the effect of a spider's web on your lid.


18mm Mink Lashes

A simple mink eyelash I often see on my Instagram feeds is the 18mm 3d mink eyelash. I typically see them used on Instagram as faux lashes because of their unique shape and weight. The human eyelashes are a short (10-12mm), coarse material that is extremely hard and brittle. Since mink lashes are extremely soft and have a similar fiber structure to human lashes, they're relatively forgiving on the eye.

As a result, the eyelash doesn't budge around the corner of the eye or drag on the lashes. The lash is from real mink hair. The 3D aspect of the eyelash is what makes it different from a simple cat-eye.

Each segment of the lash is braided and defined to form a unique 3D look. When applied, it seems much more realistic. Those who want a more bold look go for 25mm lashes or 22mm.


22mm Mink Lashes

There are 3 popular types of mink lashes. The most common is the 22mm lash. These particular mink lashes are made from mink fur, which is a type of long hair from a mink. The product comes in a light, soft, and shiny shade of black-brown that has a slight sheen to it to match your natural lashes.

These lashes are reasonably priced, and they're perfect if you want something that's not too flashy but will still enhance your eye makeup. 22mm lashes are easily the most popular of the 3 mink lash styles. However, 22mm is not a great length for creating thick and full lashes.

They're best for creating natural-looking volume, and the effect is quite similar to applying mink lashes to your own eye. They are super fluffy and light


25mm Mink Lashes

Everything you need to know about 25mm lashes is here. 

Lash sizes are measured in millimeters (mm). The first thing you need to know is that there are actually 3 types of lashes out there that we're talking about here. The first one is the 18mm style — the kind most people think of when they hear the word "mink." The second is 22mm, a happy medium for those 18 is too short, and 25mm is too long.

The last one is 25mm 3d Mink, which is generally considered a premium version of the 18mm, but not necessarily for those who prefer the look of an 18mm. Mink Lashes is no longer just a celebrity trend. Many makeup artists and make-up enthusiasts have been opting to wear them on their lashes every day. These options can help your eyes really pop, create a sultry cat-eye effect, or add a dramatic look to your eyes.


How To Clean Your 3d Mink Lash Strips

Mink fake lashes are recognized for their sturdiness and excellent high quality. Leida Lash lashes are reusable up to 25 times with proper care. Here is a guide you should follow when cleaning your mink lashes. Don't forget to clean your eye area before you apply your lashes as it will help with having your lashes stick better.


How to Clean Mink Lash Strips / Removing The Lash Glue


  1. After removing your mink false lashes from daily use, remove the glue using your fingers or tweezer to remove the excess adhesive gently. 
  2. Beginning with the outside corner and lightly peel off the glue towards the inside corner. 
  3. Don't pull on the mink hair. You should handle these mink lashes like they are your personal lashes. 
  4. Don't tug on the lash strip, as this will mess up the strip shape and loosens the hair.
  5.  Finally, store your lashes back in their Leida Lash case.


 Clean Individual Mink Lashes

  • To clean false eyelashes, lay them flat on a paper towel, get a q-tip or cotton pad and lightly put some warm water on the tip. A foaming cleanser is not necessary.
  • Do not soak the tip ( just a dab will do) 
  • Gently roll the tip over the lash line while not pressing down. 
  • Let the eyelash extensions air dry.
  • Put back in the lash box and have the lash band tight against the packaging to keep form.


Avoid Water/ Do Not Soak And Don't Add Mascara. 


Avoid soaking your 3d mink lashes in water. When the lashes get wet, the water will damage the shape of the curls your lashes have. They have been treated with high heat so that the curls will last. Also, don't apply Mascara to your mink lashes. Add your Mascara to your natural lashes before you use your mink lashes. Mascara will damage the hair on your lash strips. 


Using Chemicals On Lashes


Applying any makeup remover or any chemicals/oil will break the fur's quality and limit the usage of your mink lashes. It will ruin the shine and damage the shapes and curls. Please do not use any oil-based products to clean the lashes as it will also destroy the lashes and won't allow the glue to stick properly. 


We just touched on the topic of 3d mink lashes. Those are the most popular lengths. 18mm lashes are considered lashes you can wear to work and every day without having a bold look. On the other hand, 22mm lashes are the happy medium of both 18 and 25mm lashes, which still offer a bold and dramatic look that is fluffy.


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