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18mm Lashes Prefect For Everyday

These lashes are light, easy to apply, not heavy or flimsy. They are perfect for any occasion and will give you that elegant look that is so desired!

They come in a variety of different shapes and styles to suit every taste and occasion. Today it's time to go from mundane to majestic by enhancing your eyes with 18mm mink lashes! With the lash band being a medium thickness and made with real mink, these 3d mink eyelashes will last you over 25 times. The mink fur is super soft, and if you want a super-easy way to put on glue, we have a 2-in-1 lash glue that works as eyeliner as well.

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What are 18mm lashes?

18mm mink lashes are the perfect way to enhance your eyelashes and create a more dramatic eye for any event! They are easy to apply and give you that natural look that everyone loves.

18mm lashes are a type of mink lashes that are longer and more dramatic in volume but not by much. Your average lashes length is 18-20mm when you get 18mm lashes. They add about 6mm to your own lash lenght.

18mm mink eyelashes can be worn for any occasion and look great when paired with other makeup. Most employers, if allowed, make up will let you wear these at the job since they are not much longer than your own lashes.

Who is a good fit for these strip lashes styles

Anyone looking to march into the next event with more drama and volume should consider 18mm mink strip lash styles. These lashes are light, easy to apply, not heavy or flimsy, and come in various shapes and styles to suit every taste and occasion. Since the eyelash compliments, the eyes, and the real 3d mink give it a natural look, you may not even need mascara.

When to wear false lashes

A lot of people ask what the best time to put on 18mm mink lashes is. It's important to know when is most appropriate for you. If you have a big event coming up or a date, this would be a great time to have them on.

If not, then it might be a good idea to wait until your natural lashes grow back in. Or put them on whenever you want. They add a good flare, and most lash extensions are this long.

Different styles of mink Eyelashes

Mink lashes are the perfect way to enhance your eyes. They come in dozens of different styles, shapes, lengths, and curls that can give you that glamorous look you are trying to achieve! To make it easier for you to find something you'll love, here's a list of some common styles of strip lashes:

Thin Mink Lashes

- These are great if you want volume in your lashes without them being too dramatic. You can use them alone or stack them together for a fuller effect!

Natural Mink Lashes

- If you're looking for something not too showy but still want to add some glamour to your eyes, these are perfect for you! They're also great if your natural eyelashes are thinner or shorter in length.

Thick Mink Eyelashes Dramatic

-These are the heaviest kind of mink lashes. They are perfect for someone who wants full lashes but doesn't want them to be too dramatic!

Curls Mink eyelashes

- When you curl these, they come out looking very natural. If your natural eyelashes are a little flimsy or thin, these will give them a fuller look.

Cute Mink Eyelashes

- If you want to have an edgy but glamorous look, these are excellent choices for you! They have all the durability and length of the other lashes with a bit more flair added on.

These are just a few styles of mink lashes. When you look for them, make sure to keep in mind what type of style you want, your eye shape, and which the occasion is. For example, if it's a friend's birthday party or family reunion, don't go with something too flashy! It all starts with finding the perfect lash style that will work best for you and your needs.

Most of the time, people who love mink lashes have a few favorite brands for their beauty needs. Leida Lash is the mink expert, and you can try the lashes risk-free. If you don't like them, they have a money-back guarantee.

Leida Lash Real Mink Strips Pro Tips

Leida Lash strip lashes ensure that you get a comfortable feel.

-Before putting on the eyelash, measure your lash to your eye lid using tweezers or your fingers.

-Remove the excess band and lash by using scissors to cut or trim the lash depending on your style.

-Bend the eyelash to fit your eye. This will make putting the pair on more quickly.

-Wait for your makeup to dry and apply the adhesive, push the eyelash on and ensure it will stay before going on to the next one.