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The #1 Reason You Should Buy 3D Mink Lash Strips

You Should Buy 3D Mink Lash Strips, women wearing mink 25mm lashes.

Why should you buy 3D mink lashes to get the look of full, luscious lashes? Because lashes are an accessory. A bold lip and a bold eye are what make a look come together. That’s why a lot of people seek to get fuller lashes with extensions.

But extensions can get really pricey and typically last a few weeks—the solution: 3D Mink Lashes. 3D Mink Lashes are affordable, easy to apply, and can last for up to 6 weeks. In addition, 3D Mink lashes give you the look of false lashes without the hassle.


Why should I buy 3D Mink Lash Strips instead of false lashes?

3D Mink lashes have a bit more resistance than false lashes, so they are not quite as tear-prone. However, they have enough glue to hold the lashes in place and have more lashes in the lash strip band, so a few that fall out/ shedding is okay.

However, compared to false lashes that shed, they lose the entire look and can ruin your day. They come in various colors that work best for different eye colors and patterns to switch it up a bit.

If you find yourself breaking through lashes that are left on all day long, 3D Mink eyelash strips are the answer. They are straightforward to apply, are made from hypoallergenic materials, but are not waterproof. However, if you do get them wet, there is an easy process to fluff them right back up.


How do 3D Mink Lashes work?

3D lashes are a new trend hitting the beauty world! These lashes are layered and voluminous with a fluffy look, perfect for achieving that big-eyed, doll-like effect. From now on, you'll be able to wear your lashes out in the sun and show them off with pride.

These 3D mink lashes are more noticeable and more natural-looking. They're prettier than we've ever had before!

Leida Lashes is the industry leader in false eyelashes. We sell 100% authentic premium 3D mink lashes, and we're proud to be a part of so many celebrities and makeup artists' looks!


Our feather soft and lightweight lash strips come in many different 3D styles so you can look your best when you go out.


How do I apply 3D Mink Lashes?

  1. Trim the Lash Band
  2. Apply Lash Glue
  3. Look down into a mirror
  4. Blend the strip lash band


Step One: Trim the Lashes Band

All of us girls are different, and that means that not every pair of lashes will be the right fit for your eyes straight out of the box. Some girls have bigger eyes, which means no trimming necessary, but for those with smaller eyes, you'll need to trim down the lash band to fit your eyelid. Don't get caught with an extra lash band hanging from your eyelids. Also, if you don't do this, you tend to get poked in the inner eye.

Tip: The best way to measure your lashes is to hold them against your eye. Once you have the right size, trim off the excess, and you're all done.

Step 2 - Apply Lash Glue Strategically

It's tempting to get those 3D Mink Lashes on your eyelids so you can go out the door looking dazzling and ready to slay those men/women who come your way. But, don't just slaps the glue to the lash band and toss the fake eyelashes on.

Once you’ve applied a thin layer of glue to the band, I mean thin, you'll thank me later when it's time to take them off. While that is drying, apply lash adhesive to your eyelid. also a thin layer. Wait 5-10 seconds to dry and apply the lash.

Pro Tip: bend the lash band back and forth to ensure it will fit easily to your eyelid. Make sure you also put glue on the very ends of the bands.

Our 3D Mink Lashes are a brand-new product that comes with no adhesive so that you can use the glue of your choice. You can, however, pick up some lash glue adhesive that works as eyeliner as well here at Lleida lash.

Step 3 - Use a small mirror and look downwards into it.

Okay, you're going to want to get the lash band as near to the lash line as possible without it getting caught up in our real lashes. It's natural for people to look straight ahead at the mirrors when applying lashes, but don't waste your time with this! Your attempt to eyeball the proper angle will only result in a headache and a poke in the eye.

Now you can place a mirror underneath your face and look down for more space to apply your 3D Mink Lashes. You'll also be able to see your eye more clearly, so you can do an even better job applying them.

When applying your lashes, don't close your eyes, or you'll change the shape of your eye!

Step 4 - Blend the Band

Once you've completed your 3D Mink Lashes, there's one final step that will take your look to the next level. Apply a soft swoop of eyeliner across the lash line to disguise the band and really make those lashes pop.


How long will 3D Mink Lashes last?

This all depends on the type of care you take when applying and taking your stip eyelashes off. Most mink eyelashes that are 3d will last 25 wears. However, with the right care, people can get up to 35+ wears.

I have a detailed article on how to clean your lashes here.

I'll briefly cover how to care for your strip eyelashes.

  • Keep your lashes clean, Don't add mascara to your false lashes.
  • Handle with care - Always use lash tools when applying or taking them off. If You don't have tools like tweezers, make sure to grab close to the band and not the bad itself.
  • Get easy apply lash adhesive. Cheap glue can ruin the lash band and not come off easily.
  • Use warm water on the lash band when taking off. Use a q-tip to apply the warm water.
  • Clean your lashes. The Guide is Here.
  • Store in a dry, cool place out of immediate sunlight. I like to keep mine right in the case. It will keep the lash strip bands' shape.


The difference between 3D Mink Lashes and other lash styles?

Synthetic eyelashes are the drugstore alternative to natural lashes. But, unfortunately, they’re made from harsh, coarse synthetic materials that come to a blunt end, which means they can be uncomfortable and irritating.

These lashes are shiny and reflective, which means they'll make your falsies look really fake. They're also stiff and clump together easily, so you'll need to replace them more often than other types of mink 3d lashes. These include faux lashes as well.

Silk lashes- it's hard to tell if you are getting silk lashes since most manufacturers use a cheap alternative and market it like silk. Unfortunately, they also tend to be shinier, stiffer, and less comfortable.

3d Mink Lash Strips- These are lightweight, fluffy, and last a long time. The only downside is that you can't get them wet. Really though, who is wanting to get wet after doing your hair, makeup, and everything? On the other hand, if you are going swimming, the chance is you didn't do your makeup and hair and are ready to get wet, so don't let that hold you back from having the most comfortable lashes on the market.


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