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About Us

We wanted to create a lash brand that helps women & men shine their personality by incorporating different styles of lashes. Having a lash line that provides Comfortable, Durable, High Quality lashes was a top priority. We also want to have a lash style of everyone. From 18mm , 22mm and 25mm lashes that are made with 3d mink.  Leida Lash products are designed to feel lightweight and fitting for every eye shape. "Everyone has a different way of expressing themselves so these lash collections are perfect for all types of moods, Glam, soft glam, everyday looks, Alla them!" These eyelashes are different shapes & sizes focusing on a wide range for every eyelash lover. As Leida Lash continues to expand you will continue to see the Quality coming through! Make sure to Shop Leida Lash Black Friday deals As well. Sign up to our SMS Notification squad for the Best deals on the best Luxurious Lashes.