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Faux Mink vs. Real Mink Eyelashes What's The Difference?

faux mink vs real mink eyelashes which one take the winner

How can you tell the difference? I've worn both, and I find the real mink lashes softer and more natural than the faux ones.

The faux lashes are very flimsy and don't look as realistic. Fake mink lashes often have a chemical smell and are uncomfortable to wear. They also don't last as long as real mink lashes, so you must constantly replace them. I've had a lot of people ask me while in the store which type they should buy. 


My advice is to start with a natural mink hair lash strip, which is the same price and can last much longer.  

Lash extensions mink is more expensive but lasts longer than is faux sister. 

If you want the most natural of lashes, then you need real mink lashes! Made from strands of hair taken from a mink's tail, these false eyelashes are lightweight, fluffy, and glossy shine, giving you a natural look that you'll love. 

Let's dive into mink vs. faux mink.

faux mink lashes vs mink lashes


What are the differences between faux and real mink eyelashes?

The differences are the colors and length of the lash. Real mink, also known as Chinese mink, is the best material for eyelashes and gives the most natural look. It is more expensive than faux mink but lasts much longer.

Real mink false lashes come in different color variations. Dark is the most common since it resembles your natural lashes the most. The length of the lashes also differs depending on the brand. The most popular lengths are: 

16mm Lashes

18mm lashes 

22mm Lashes

25mm Lashes

Faux mink lashes are fake.

One of the biggest things we see is the difference in 3d. Faux are flat and mink is more 3d bringing them to life.

Faux mink eyelashes are the cheap knock-offs of animal hairs. They look the same, but the quality and longevity are questionable.

They are not truly mink eyelashes, so you will have to replace them frequently. You can buy these from the supermarket, but they are not as good quality as the real kind. They tend to be heavier and can cause an issue with sensitive eyes. 

Real mink lashes vs faux fake lashes

How Sensitive are your eyes?

If you have sensitive eyes, then these real mink lashes are for you! Real mink is more comfortable on your eyes and less likely to irritate them. Since they are hypoallergenic fur, they don't cause any allergic reactions to sensitive eyes. 

Faux lashes are made from plastic that can cause eye irritation or allergies. While each manufacturer uses different plastic fibers, it's hard to tell what they are truly made of.  


How much do you want to spend?

Lash Strips 

Mink lash Strips

Range from $6-$30 for a set, and you usually can find high-quality luxury lashes from not so popular brands from $10-$18


Faux Mink Strips 

To downgrade from natural mink to faux, you will end up spending the same amount, $6-$30, for a pair of faux lashes. 


Lashes Extensions 


Mink extensions can range from $300-500 with the lash artist putting them on. 


Faux extensions with the lash artist can go anywhere from $70-$140. 


If you are a beginner, I recommend going with the real mink lash strips. You can change your look every day with the strips, and you aren't spending hundreds of dollars on a single look that you may not like. 


You can find an inexpensive quality pair of mink lashes at Leida Lash. 

What Style are you looking for?

I like fake and real mink lashes, but I especially like the real ones with a fluffy light look. When I wear the real ones, people often ask me how'd I get my lashes so long because they don't see a difference between my natural lashes and the real mink ones. If you're still unsure whether you should wear fake or real mink lashes, try them both. Lash strips are inexpensive, and you can find the style you are looking to complete.


If you are getting lash extensions, you should ask your lash artist for a recommendation. Chances are you'll go with the faux extensions because of the price.  

What are the benefits of real mink lashes?

The main benefit of mink lashes is the shape, softness, volume, fluffy, and wispiness of the lashes. It's hard to get something that looks and feels just like your own lashes.

Real mink fur is as close as you can get to natural-looking lashes. The lash strips are easy to apply and use. They offer 25+ wears per lash strip.

The color, shape, and softness of these lashes is what make them truly unique. They're soft, silky, and have a real-life quality to them. 

Cons of mink lashes.

There aren't many cons to using this product because they require extra care to get the most out of them. If you are buying them from a drug store, they cost a little more than the faux.  You can find a guide on how to clean your mink lashes here. 



What are the benefits of faux mink lashes?


If you are comparing lash extensions, then faux is much cheaper. It's the same for lash strips. So price is the only winner here. 


Cons of faux mink lashes.

It's in the word fake, and fake never last. They break easily and don't last as long. They can irritate the eye because of the plastic, and if you have a clear band, they will slide around, not staying in place. The synthetic fibers tend not to hold up like their real sister.




Real mink is the best type of false eyelashes to wear, with a natural look and real, plush feel. They are usually thicker and stronger, as well.

For maximum volume, I suggest wearing an 18mm-22mm. The brand I use and recommend is leidalash.com. You can purchase a pair of super-furry real mink lashes for around $13. 




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