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Everything You Need to Know About Mink 25mm Lashes.

25 mm lashes everything you need to know about them

Did you know that the average person loses up to four eyelashes each day? That's nearly 28 lashes lost every week! So with all this eyelash shedding, how can we keep our lashes looking full and gorgeous?

We love using  25mm mink lashes to solve this problem. Keep reading more to learn all about mink lashes.

What Are Mink Lashes?

Mink lashes are made from real, natural fur obtained from minks, which are in the same family as weasels and ferrets. Minks have naturally shiny and luxurious fur, causing their hair highly sought after. In addition, mink fur is lightweight and fluffy, leading to more soft, natural-looking lashes.

Once the mink fur is collected, it is cleaned and sterilized before being meticulously handmade, one hair at a time, into false lashes. Mink lashes are hypoallergenic due to being disinfected and sterilized beforehand. There is excellent attention to detail throughout the process to create the perfect, most realistic-looking false lashes.

Mink Lashes vs. Synthetic Lashes

We'll be comparing and contrasting lashes made from mink and lashes made from synthetic materials to show the benefits of mink lashes. The three categories we'll be comparing are:

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Natural Looking


Mink lashes are much higher quality than synthetic lashes. This is because mink lashes are made from real natural hair, whereas synthetic lashes are artificial from plastic fibers called PBT, Polybutylene terephthalate. The natural mink fur is incredibly light, leading to lightweight mink lashes that don't feel heavy on your lids or weigh down your natural lashes. Synthetic lashes can be pretty uncomfortable and heavy due to the plastic material, causing them to weigh down your lids and make your eyes feel heavy.


Mink lashes are incredibly durable, lasting much longer than synthetic lashes. With proper care, mink lashes can last dozens of wears, even so much as up to 30+ times.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to use the same pair of synthetic lashes for very long. Synthetic lashes are meant to be disposed of after a couple of uses. Even if we properly clean and store them carefully in between uses, synthetic lashes will begin to degrade after 4 or 5 uses. 

Natural Looking

Synthetic lashes are made from plastic fibers. This causes them to be unnatural-looking and much thicker than natural human lashes. Mink lashes are natural, not artificial. Because mink lashes are made of fur, the mink hairs are similar to human hair.

Synthetic lashes tend to be stubby and coarse, unlike the soft and tapered mink lashes. Mink lashes have a natural quality and shine that synthetic plastic lashes can't imitate. In addition, synthetic lashes have an extra-shiny plastic finish that makes them look fake, whereas mink lashes look just like your natural lashes, which helps them blend in, making our lashes look naturally long and full.

Different Lengths for Different Looks

Lashes are measured in mm- millimeters- and typically fall in the categories short, medium, long, and very long. 

  • Short- 7mm to 9mm
  • Average Natural Length- 10mm to 12mm
  • Medium- 13mm to 15mm
  • Long- 15mm and up

Short lashes are suitable for a more natural, "no makeup" look. These length of lashes aren't much longer than natural lashes. They're the perfect lashes for a more subtle look. 

Medium lashes are nice for when you want lashes that are just slightly longer than your natural eyelashes. It gives the illusion of wearing mascara on your natural lashes rather than wearing false lashes.

Long lashes are perfect for a bit of glitz and glam. These lashes add lots of length, thickness, and volume, which are great for the flirty and dramatic look.

Mink 25mm lashes fall in the "very long" lash category. Very long lashes like the mink 25mm are the epitome of drama; they are great lashes when we want to make a statement. These lashes are loud and proud; they are in your face and unapologetic. If you're going to stand out in a crowd, the mink 25mm lashes are the right choice.

Lash Styles and Eye Shapes

There are dozens of different styles of mink lashes, and they aren't one-style fits all. Like we have to find the right pair of shoes that fit, we also have to find the right style of false lashes that suit and highlight our natural eye shape and size. First, we must determine which type of eye shape we have. The different eye shapes are:

  • Almond Eyes
  • Round Eyes
  • Hooded Eyes
  • Monolid Eyes
  • Deep-set Eyes

Almond Eyes

Celebrities like Beyoncé, Eva Longoria, and Mila Kunis have almond-shaped eyes. Almond eyes are the easiest eye shape to find lashes because they are considered "perfect proportions."

Almond eyes are more comprehensive in the center and come to slight points on each end. Almost all lash styles will compliment this shape. Those with almond eyes can accentuate and elongate their sexy shape with voluminous mink lashes long in the middle and longer on the outer ends to create a natural cat-eye effect.

Round Eyes

Celebs like Ashley Olsen, Katy Perry, and Zooey Deschanel all have round eyes. Round eyes are characterized by their large size, rounded corners, and plenty of white showing. Picking false lashes that are long and wispy with greater length and volume on the outer corners will create a seductive cat-eye shape that elongates and balances out the large round eyes.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are where the fold of the eyelid hides part or all of the lid when the eyes are open. Famous actresses Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence, and Emma Stone have hooded eyes. The right lash style for hooded lids opens up the eye to create the illusion that the eye is bigger and has more depth. Look for false lashes slightly longer in the center to make the eyes look bigger and brighter.

Monolid Eyes

Most common among Asian ethnicities, monolid eyes are where no crease on the eyelid is visible. Celebs Lana Condor, Sandra Oh, and Lucy Liu all have this eye shape. The best mink lash strips for this eye shape are lashes with more curl and flair to open up and brighten the eyes. In addition, a fluttery, wispy lash style will help give more height to the eyes.

Deep-set Eyes

Deep-set eyes are characterized by how the eyes sit further back in the eye socket below the brow bone. Deep-set eyes are famous features of both Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz. Luckily, those with deep-set eyes can wear very dramatic falsies without overpowering their eyes. Deep-set eyes can rock nearly any style, but opting for more length, density, and volume will help to enhance the eye size.

How to Put On Mink 25mm Lashes

There are a few steps we need to follow to achieve that perfect lash look. These steps are:

  1. Measure Lash Strips
  2. Trim Excess 
  3. Apply Lash Glue to Strip
  4. Look Downward Into Mirror
  5. Use Tweezers to Apply Lashes 

1. Measure Lash Strips

First, we're going to want to measure our lash strips to fit our eyes. Lash strips are not one size fits all, so it's essential not to skip this step. To ensure a good fit, we're going to gently place the lash strip on our eyelid and measure how much excess strip falls off the lid.

2. Trim Excess 

Next, we'll use a good pair of scissors to cut off the excess portion gently. We could either throw the extra strip out or use it by stacking it on top of our false lashes in the outer corner to create a thicker, more dramatic effect.

3. Apply Lash Glue to Strip

After trimming our mink lashes, we're ready to apply the lash glue to the entire band of the strip. Unfortunately, many women make the mistake of putting their falsies on immediately after applying the glue. However, it's crucial to wait about 30 seconds after putting the glue on to let it dry before placing the lashes on our lids. It may seem counterintuitive, but letting the lash glue dry before putting the lashes on will ensure the adhesive sticks to our eyelids better, so they stay on for longer.

4. Look Downward Into Mirror

Looking straight forward into a mirror would make applying falsies very difficult because our eyes would be wide open, which would minimize lid space. The easiest way to apply false lashes is to angle a mirror upward and look downward at it so that our eyes are mostly closed but not completely, maximizing lid space while still being able to see what we're doing.

5. Use Tweezers to Apply Lashes 

Tweezers help hold the lashes steady and increase accuracy when placing them on the lid. Using a pair of tweezers, gently grab the mink lashes from the middle section and place the lashes directly on top of your lash line. Next, push on the corners of the lashes firmly to ensure the adhesive sticks well to the skin. 

Removing Your Mink Lashes

Removing your lashes carefully is important to ensure they last as long as possible. These removal tips help keep our lashes looking fresh and lengthen how many wears you can get out of them.

  1. Soften the Lash Glue
  2. Slowly Peel Off Falsies
  3. Peel Off Glue Residue
  4. Clean the Lashes
  5. Let Them Dry

1. Soften the Lash Glue

The first step is to use a soaked q-tip or cotton ball to soften the glue on our lids to make removing the lashes go smoother. Next, we recommend soaking the q-tip or cotton ball in either a makeup remover or lash adhesive remover. Then, gently rub the soaked cotton across the lash strip.

2. Slowly Peel Off Falsies

After we've softened the glue, we're going to slowly start to peel the lashes off of our lids, starting from the outer corner of the strip and pulling away from the lid.

3. Peel-Off Glue Residue

Many women stop after the last step; they peel off their lashes, throw them on the bathroom counter, and forget about them until the next time they want to wear them. This will damage the lashes and will dramatically shorten their use. After taking off our lashes, it's important to peel off the leftover glue residue stuck to the strip base so that the lash strip has a clean slate and is ready to be re-glued for next time.

4. Clean the Lashes

Our lashes will more than likely still have makeup residue stuck on them after we take them off. Putting old or expired makeup on our eyes can lead to some nasty infections. Disinfecting your mink lash strips will help to avoid eye infections in the future. To clean our lashes, we put them in a cleaning solution diluted with water to dissolve any makeup leftover on them. 

5. Let Them Dry

After making sure all the makeup residue is off, place the lashes aside to dry either on a paper towel or a clean bath towel.

The Perfect Mink 25mm Lashes For You

Mink lashes give that soft and glamorous finishing touch to your makeup routine. The naturally shiny and lightweight hairs will make your lashes look effortlessly long and full. With 25mm lashes, you're sure to wow the crowd with your red carpet-ready falsies. With the proper techniques followed for putting them on and removing them, your mink lash strips will last long enough to see many great experiences and memories with you.

At Leida Lash, we know a thing or two about gorgeous mink 25mm lashes. We have dozens of different lash styles to flatter all the different eye shapes and sizes. So to find your perfect lash match for any occasion, head on over to our products page to see how we can accentuate your beauty.