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Doll Eye Lashes Style & Collection.

The Doll eye-a style that is all the rage with celebrities is sweeping the nation. It's a look that is bold yet natural and soft at the same time. We love it! The Doll eye is flawless, glamorous, and simply beautiful.

What is a doll eyelash?

The simple way to put it is on the outside corners. The lashes are shorter and get longer in the middle. They can also have what you would call a spike so that you would get short eyelashes, longer spiked eyelashes, followed by a shorter eyelash. That gives you the doll-style eyelash.

Inner and outer corners

Other styles that are considered a doll-style fake eyelashes are the same length but start short on the outsides and get long in the middle with no spikes.

You can see our products above for an example.

What Eyes shapes are best for doll eye eyelashes?

Doll lashes work well on people with large eyes, small noses, and small mouths. If you have a long face (elongated), doll lashes will not be as flattering as they can make your features look longer than they actually are.

● Doll eye makeup is perfect for those who have almond-shaped or deep-set eyes. It helps direct the focus to the middle of the eye and brings out the iris.

● Doll lashes are also flattering on those who have dark eyes, as it helps brighten them up.

What should you avoid for doll lashes? Doll lashes can sometimes make your features look harsh, especially if your face is round, square, or angular. The makeup will only enhance the features, so if you have round features, avoid doll lashes.

Eyelash extensions

When getting extensions, you should keep in mind you are trying to enhance your natural lashes—most eye shapes. I recommend you follow your eyebrows shape and think about how your eye shape will fit with your natural lashes. Your lash artics will recommend the best style for lash extensions

The outer corners will be shorter for strip lashes, and the longer lashes will be in the middle. Strip lashes are an easy way to shape your makeup look and get that fool look you are going for.

Doll eyes normally are bigger and dramatic but can be worn as a more natural look. Still follow the beauty industry and follow the shape of the brow. Your eyelashes will look amazing when you do.

Natural Lashes

Doll eyes are not a natural lash shape. They come from the style of people were giving to dolls, and the makeup looks so nice we had doll eyes for ourselves for over a decade now.

Remember, when putting on lashes, you can curl your lashes and apply mascara to get the best look. To find the easiest way to put on your lash extensions for your eye shapes to get your lash line perfect, you can see that here.

How to clean your lashes, you can find that here.