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How Long is 25mm Lashes

How long is 25mm lashes

When you're shopping our lashes, it's essential to know what the numbers mean. For example, 25mm is equivalent to just under 1 inch. That doesn't mean that the lash sticks out 25mm or just under one inch. That means the total length of the lash length is 25mm long from the lash band to the end of the curl. 

A simple way to measure is using a rule and make the lash flat.

Want to see if you can wear 25mm mink lashes?

Here is a guide to wearing long lashes and how you can measure at home to see if they will fit.

How to see if you can wear big lashes

What Does 25mm Lashes Mean?

MM means millimeter! Actually, 12-18mm lashes are the natural lengths. But to offer more choices for different informal occasions, we developed a new product of 25mm mink lashes. Let's see the difference between natural-length lashes and dramatic 25mm mink lashes.


The difference between 25mm lashes and 18mm lashes

Have you ever seen mink lashes that aren't even the same length? And what about those that don't go all the way to the ends?

Well, not each fur is supposed to be 25mm long. Instead, they range from 25mm up to 6mm long. That's what gives them more volume!

If you're looking for a dramatic lash look, 25mm mink lashes are your best option! These long and fluffy lashes will give you an instant glamourous appearance.

What are 3d lashes?


3D lashes are the newest addition to the beauty world and, boy, do they have a lot to offer! They're absolutely stunning, reach breathtaking lengths, and are designed to embrace luxury and beauty. That's not all. 3D lashes are different from the standard false lashes that you can find.

These 3D lashes will instantly boost your eyes, giving them the definition they need to stand out. The fuzzy layered ends prevent them from laying flat on your eyes, which creates a fuller-looking lash.

One of the best features of 3D lashes is that they hold a curl much better than traditional ones. This gives you more control over shaping your lashes, meaning that you get a perfect look every time!

When 3D lashes were introduced, they were costly and worn solely by the famous. Miss Lopez was one of the first to be seen with them and made them look prominent. Some years in, 3D lashes are more affordable and readily accessible through many beauty outlets. Nowadays, You can wear and find inexpensive 3d mink lashes.

What happens when you combine both 25mm and 3d?

You have the best of both worlds when you combine these 2 styles together. The length of the eyelash is charming with personality thanks to the 3d mink eyelash. Your lashes become natural eyelashes with a 100 % real mink look. Since mink is the closest thing to your own eyes, we suggest going with those.

That's what makes these eyelashes very popular. 25mm mink eyelashes aren't going anywhere. Make sure to try a pair to see if you like the dramatic look.

If 25mm isn't your look, you can naturally go with the classic lashes that are 13-18mm. I recommend a 16mm or 18mm lash since they have both those lengths and are great for the workplace and formal occasions.


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