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Luxury 3d Mink Lashes How To Tell The Fake For The Real.

Luxury 3d mink eyelashes

You have two different types of luxurious 3d mink lashes. One being lash strips or false eyelashes, and the other is eyelashes extensions.

Some women out there have perfect natural eyelashes. However, they make us all jealous because they can wake up and go. So we either have to apply lash strips on our eyes or sit for hours to get individual lashes for the rest of us.  


We will cover the different types of lashes on the market. How 3d lashes compare to the rest of the lashes out there where you can buy the most comfortable and stylish lashes without spending over $15 for a set. 


Type of lashes on the market 

Faux mink fur (fake Fur) 



Mink Fur ( Luxury ) 

How Much Do Luxury Lashes Cost


That depends on what type of lashes you are using. 

Most lashes range between $6-$30 depending on the online store you are shopping. You may have tried to google these lashes and find Chinese wholesalers or scammers trying to take your money.  


Companies to Claim they are selling lux 3d lashes sell them for $6. 

$10 lashes, you will get a mix of both real and fake lux lashes. 

$15-$30 Most likely the real deal. 



How Can You Tell If They Are Truly Luxury?


It's not so easy to tell if the lashes you are looking at are made with real mink fur or are indeed lux lashes. All lux brands have that natural lash look.


If they don't say, you can get 25 wears or more out of them, hit the road. 

1.They Use Plastic. 

Here is how you can tell when you are shopping online. 

Most lashes that don't have a cotton band and use a clear band are not luxurious lashes. Why plastic is cheap, and chances are they aren't using real fur for the lashes either.

A cotton band will add to your eyes. Most all bands are black and help give you a fuller look. Some prefer the clear bands as it doesn't look like you are wearing mascara. You want luxury and plastic isn't it, girl. 


2.Lashes Are the Same Length. 

The second sign you can look for is if all the lashes are the same length. This is a clear indicator that it was machine-made and not handmade. Most luxurious 3d lashes are handmade.

Fur is hard for a machine to decide which length goes where and fur isn't all the same length. The faux mink/imitation mink is all machine-made because everything is the same length. Giving it a flat look instead of a full long fluffy lashes. 


The main reason people want fur is it's the closest thing to your eyelashes. Mink fur is also hypoallergic and won't cause you to have an allergic reaction to it. Also, by placing the lashes in different spots and lengths, you get a full beautiful curl. 


3.Band Length 

Here people will try to skip out on saving money on having a shorter band. Most women don't know this, but real quality bands leave a little room on the band to trim it without damaging the lashes or having more fallout. So you want a band with a bit of length to cut. 

Trim the inside of the band first for maximum comfort, and after that, trim the outer side. 


Those are the three most straightforward ways to tell if your eyelashes you are about to buy are indeed luxury 3d mink lashes. 



What is the best way to clean Mink Lashes? 

Most overthink this, but it can be done with a q-tip, a little warm water, and your fingernail or tweezers. 


  • First, remove glue/lash adhesive on the band.
  • If glue is hard, get a little warm water with a q-tip and soften it. 
  • Next, dry the band. 
  • Get another q-tip and drip in warm water. Make sure the q-tip isn't damp and roll over the flat part of the lashes. 
  • Do not get the curls wet, or you will have to curl your lashes. 


What type of luxury lashes are on the market 


For all 3d mink lashes they come it so many different styles. 

Lashes come in styles wispy, full, dramatic, bold, and more. 

Lengths of lashes. 

The average length for the human eyelash is 10-12mm long. 

Most places where women wear lashes at work will accept lash lengths up to 18mm. This doesn't take away or distract the current customers. 

22mm to 25mm lashes are the perfect length for clubs or date nights. Even everyday wear will work really well with this style. They give you a complete look and bring your eyes out with a popping effect. 


Most luxury lashes are super easy to apply since they are full, and lashes won't just fall out if you tug at them. 

Where To Buy 

It can be hard to find where to buy mink 3d luxury eyelashes but you can do that right here at Leida Lash. We have 18mm, 22mm, and 25mm lashes . Try a pair today!

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