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How To Clean Your 3d Mink Lash Strips

Cleaning eyelash

How to care for your Leida Lash Mink Eyelashes

Mink fake lashes are recognized for their sturdiness and excellent high quality. Leida Lash lashes are reusable up to 25 times with proper care. Here is a guide you should follow when cleaning your mink lashes. Don't forget to clean your eye area before you apply your lashes as it will help with having your lashes stick better.


How to Clean Mink Lash Strips / Removing The Lash Glue


  1. After removing your mink false lashes from daily use, remove the glue using your fingers or tweezer to remove the excess adhesive gently. 
  2. Beginning with the outside corner and lightly peel off the glue towards the inside corner. 
  3. Don't pull on the mink hair. You should handle these mink lashes like they are your personal lashes. 
  4. Don't tug on the lash strip, as this will mess up the strip shape and loosens the hair.
  5.  Finally, store your lashes back in their Leida Lash case.


 Clean Individual Mink Lashes

  • To clean false eyelashes, lay them flat on a paper towel, get a q-tip or cotton pad and lightly put some warm water on the tip. A foaming cleanser is not necessary.
  • Do not soak the tip ( just a dab will do) 
  • Gently roll the tip over the lash line while not pressing down. 
  • Let the eyelash extensions air dry.
  • Put back in the lash box and have the lash band tight against the packaging to keep form.


Avoid Water/ Do Not Soak And Don't Add Mascara. 


Avoid soaking your 3d mink lashes in water. When the lashes get wet, the water will damage the shape of the curls your lashes have. They have been treated with high heat so that the curls will last. Also, don't apply Mascara to your mink lashes. Add your Mascara to your natural lashes before you use your mink lashes. Mascara will damage the hair on your lash strips. 


Using Chemicals On Lashes


Applying any makeup remover or any chemicals/oil will break the fur's quality and limit the usage of your mink lashes. It will ruin the shine and damage the shapes and curls. Please do not use any oil-based products to clean the lashes as it will also destroy the lashes and won't allow the glue to stick properly.