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20mm Lashes 3d Mink

20mm lashes are a perfect length for a dramatic look or just a bold statement. They are false eyelashes you can wear every day. 20mm is perfect for those that 25mm is too long and 16mm isn't long enough. 

How Long Are 20mm Lashes?

20mm false eyelashes are really classified as 18mm lashes. Where the professional eyelash manufacturer will want to have some room to work with they will classify the 18mm lashes as 18-20mm for margin of error. This gives you about 6-8 mm of extra lash since the average length for natural lashes is 10-12mm.

I personally like to go with the 20mm length because my eyes are slightly smaller than the average size, and 20mm eyelashes work perfectly for me. I am able to wear them comfortably throughout the day without any difficulty, making your makeup perfect and your beauty routine easy.

How many mm are normal lashes?

The average lash size is around 10-12mm wide. Most women have an abundance of natural lashes in this size, so they don't need to go for anything longer than the standard 16mm lengths. Some women do like the 25mm size for a more dramatic look, but for false lashes, 18mm-20mm is perfect for most everyday styles.

20mm Lenght lashes materials

There are a few materials everyone uses

Real mink lashes that have mink fur.

Synthetic lashes that are classified as vegan lashes are also known as faux mink. They then to be the cheapest and not quality fake lashes.

Silk eyelashes- the style tends to be flat and the quality of synthetic lashes.

Mink lashes are the way to go since they are the best lashes out there and with proper care, they can last over 25 times.

Mink lashes

mink lashes are made of 100% sterilized mink hair. They are lightweight, soft, and easy to use.

The best quality lashes give you the look of real mink lashes that is soft and fluffy just like natural lashes.

They are the top choice for 20mm and 25mm false eyelashes and related products.

You can get individual mink lashes but will have to see a beauty professional.

The type of glue we recommend is the 2-in-1 adhesive eyeliner. It will make putting on your lashes super easy and it actually has no glue in the product so it will be safe for your skin. This glue will also let you get the false eyelashes right on your eyelids just make sure to trim the strip first so the application can be smooth

Treat yourself to a nice pair of mink lashes that is fluffy. The price of our lashes is anywhere from the sale price of 6.99 to the regular price of 10.99 with the high-end price of $30. While the price of our lash book is $87.

Our packaging is a hard box so the customer can enjoy their style of lash anywhere they go. The lash will be protected and the strip details will be intact for wear.


Mink Eyelashes Strips

These lashes tend to shed less than synthetic lashes. While the shedding does not bother most people, there is also a downside to these lashes since they are made of real animal products that make them slightly more expensive than synthetic lashes. With less shedding, the product will last much longer. So you really save money buying a more expensive lash and your personal care.


Expensive lashes that will last you longer and give you better quality results for your money. You can buy 5 stars lashes here at ledialash.com for not that much while we deliver to United States and internationally the shipping for the fake eyelashes is best for the USA.

Free shipping on orders over $20

We do not offer free samples for customers but will be for retailers and wholesale customers. for a Sample order you will need to contact us by email.

Storing your Mink eyelashes

The best way to store 20mm mink lashes is in their original case. This prevents them from becoming misshapen and keeps them clean until you are ready to use them.

Mink Eyelashes

mink lashes are made of 100% sterilized mink hair. They are lightweight, soft, and easy to use.

The best quality lashes give you the look of real mink lashes that is soft and fluffy just like natural lashes.

They are the top choice for 20mm and 25mm false eyelashes.

Faux mink lashes

Fluffy Mink Lashes

When it comes to looking more attractive, most women want something that will add volume and length to their lashes. This is where long fluffy mink lashes come in. They are a great way to add more drama to your look while still looking natural.

This type of lash is perfect if you want to wear them during the day or even at night. They come in soft black and brown colors so you can easily blend them with your own lashes.

The great thing about these types of lashes is that they also last for a long time. After only wearing them a few times, they will still look new and fresh.

This means that you will not have to spend a lot of money on buying them all of the time. When you factor in how long these lashes last, it makes using this type of mascara even better.

Because mink lashes come in such beautiful colors, they are perfect for daytime or nighttime use. They aren't too dark, but they still add a lot of drama to your look. You can use them with most types of outfits and colors so they work well for all different styles and preferences.

When you mix in how long these lashes last, most women start using them on a regular basis. If you go out at night and want to put something on your eyelashes, these are the best choice.

They provide length but they are not too bulky. The reason why most women love using them is that they look so natural and feel secure on your eyelashes.

Another aspect of 20mm eyelashes that people have to love is how easy it is to find them.