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Fluffy Mink Lashes

3d mink lashes tend to be the most fluffy lashes on the market. 3d lashes are not all the same length with short lashes that pop up, giving them a 3d look compared to the usual lashes that were all the same length. Thus, making them look flat and 2d like a drawing. 3d mink allows the lashes to have a more dramatic, natural, and fluffiest look all in one and is the most popular style and pairs natural with all lashes.



Real Mink Fur 

Real mink fur is the closest thing to having a natural look. Mink hair is also hypoallergenic and is considered a luxury lash since you can continue to wear it over and over again up to 25 times with proper care. Mink Eyelashes also have a fluffy look that is natural to your own eyes. You can get these closest to your lash line, making them look just like your own.  All lashes are cruelty-free.



Thick and Fluffy High Quality

Leida Lash offers lash strips in a thick and fluffy look that everyone is dying to have. But, of course, you can have thick fluffy eyelashes too. Don't like the lashes when you get them? We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.  



Fits All Types Of Eyes

Since we use a cotton band for the stirp and strip lashes, they are easy to adjust to your eyelids, making them fit all different eye shapes. 

Our long fluffy mink lashes come in many styles. We have bold, thick, and just fluffy. All our lashes are 3d, so they are all fluffy. Just pick a style that is right for you. 



Different Types of Style of Fluffy lashes

There are so many 3d fluffy mink lashes to choose from. At Leida Lashes, we pride ourselves on having the highest quality lashes and will stick behind them 100%. With the correct proper care of your eyelash strips, you can get 25+ wears out of Leida Lash 3d mink fluffy lashes.



These are perfect lashes for beginners since they are full of volume. You can easily put them on without damaging the product.


How To Put The lashes On

When you get your first pair of lashes, make sure that you like them first. If you don't, just write us a message, and we will take care of the return shipping and refund all your money. We do this because so many people love our lashes we get so few in return.

Once you like the lashes, now that you have them hold them to your eye and see the areas you need to trim. Start with the inside corner so you get rid of the extra band length that can poke the inside of your eye. Then move on to the outer corners. Finally, trim what you don't.

Steps to putting on strip lashes


If you apply, eyeshadow do this first, as it will become tough to apply your eye makeup once you have your fake lashes on. Also, since they are fluffy and long, they will get in the way.


Gently pull the fake lashes out of the box. Just ripping the out of the box can cause the band to break, and that's the last thing you want after getting all your make-up on.



Add glue to the lash strip. If you have our 2 in one Lash adhesive/glue you (coming soon), you can directly add the glue to your eyelid line and the band. Wait 5 seconds and use a mirror. While looking down in the mirror, you will be able to get to your lash line easier.

Some eyelash shedding is normal. So don't be alarmed if that happens. Most people use their fingers to put the false eyelashes on, but you can also use tools. Using tools to put on your strips will extend the life of your fluffy 3d mink lashes.


This is up to the person, but my preference is to start with the inside corner of your eye and then slowly match it to the outside. Some mistake beginners and even those who wear them every day leave the space on the inside of the eyelid, and it can ruin your look. Starting with the inside will help eliminate this.

If you don't, you will feel like your lashes are coming off, and no one likes that. It's one reason why people don't like the magnetic lashes spite all the hype.

This can take a total of 1 minute once you get good at it. The longest part will be trimming the lashes and measuring them to your eye. Some people even cut them in half to put them on quicker.


Steps For Proper Care Of Fluffy Lashes

  1. Remove your lashes - First, get a q-tip and wet it with warm water. Next, rub on the lase band where it meets your eyelid. This will help loosen the glue so you can take the lash off without damaging it.
  2. Remove glue from the band - Taking the glue off will help save the band from becoming super hard. If you don't follow this step, you can damage or break the band.
  3. Put the lash strips back in the case so they will hold their form. Even if you have cut them in half, still do this step.

For more detailed instructions on cleaning your mink lashes, check out how to clean your mink lashes.