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22mm Lashes

Adorn Your Eyes With Beautiful 22mm Lashes

Want to bring out your eyes and have a bold, dramatic look? 3D Mink 22mm Lashes can help accentuate whatever look you want people to see when looking into your eyes. Long, full lashes are beautiful.

However, not everyone was born with fabulous lashes. If you wish for better lashes or a more dramatic look, you can get natural false eyelashes from Leida Lashes.

We guarantee you will love every lash you get with us or your money back. Depending on your style, we offer 3d mink lashes in 18mm, 22mm, and 25mm lashes. Here is everything you need to know about our cruelty-free 22mm lashes. 

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Reason's Why People Wear False Eyelashes

Bring Focus to Your Eyes

You have beautiful eyes, and you need to share them with the world. Fake lashes will bring attention to your eyes, making them pop in pictures or when chatting with someone in person. Everyone knows that having bigger lashes makes you more attractive. 22 mink lashes are perfect for any eye shape


Fake lashes provide self-confidence. You will feel attractive, gorgeous, and strong. Increased self-confidence will help you in your personal and professional relationships, allowing you to go after the things you want fearlessly. 


Bold and Sexy

Add these long inexpensive lashes with some eye shadow that you love to complete your look. Being bold is sexy today. Since our lashes are 3d, it gives it a more in-depth volume look that allows your long lashes to look more natural. In addition, the average eyelash length is 10mm, so having these lashes will double your length, making your eye bold and sexy, ideal for a wedding or party.

Fix Problem Lashes

Not everyone is blessed in the lashes department. Some people have very short or sparse lashes. Fake lashes can correct any unsightly problems. You will look great in these lashes.

Most people think this style of false eyelashes is a little longer until they put them on and see themselves in 22mm lashes.

3D Mink Lashes

22mm lashes are perfect for the woman who wants pronounced eyelashes but doesn't want to go overboard. There are several different styles to choose from when looking at 22mm lashes. Here are the lashes available through Leida Lashes styles:


Dayz mink lashes are ultra fluffy and include multiple lash sizes to complete the wispy appearance. In addition, the cotton band is lightweight and easily maneuverable. You can get up to 25 wears out of this lash, and they are perfect for both day and night.





Vibes mink lashes use fun W-shaped layers. In addition, these eyelashes have a special cotton band that is especially lightweight and flexible. With the proper care, you can get up to 25 uses. 

Medium/high density




Dreamy mink eyelashes are a more natural version of the longer Hot Girl lash provided by Leida Lashes. These false eyelashes offer a less dramatic wing effect that makes them perfect for natural-looking lashes. 

Low/medium density




Pretty mink lash is another natural option for women who need an everyday option. These false eyelashes can be used up to 30 times if cared for properly

Low/medium density




Skye mink lash has a unique shape that provides an attractive cat-eye look. Unfortunately, some people have claimed to get almost 50 wears out of these false eyelashes. 

Low/medium density




Blossom mink eyelashes allow you to enjoy the Baby Girl lashes in a shorter version. They are perfect for a night out on the town with their dramatic appearance. Glam girls may choose to wear them as an everyday option. 



We are always adding more similar items.

Things To Know About Applying your 3D Mink Lashes.

When you purchase a pair of Leida Lashes, you are getting a high-quality product specifically designed to work with any man or woman's face. Just keep in mind that the lashes do not come with tweezers or glue.

You need to have those items on hand. The strip comes in one size. You will be able to cut the strips to your desired length. For more tips on how to apply lashes, please see this how-to guide. 

To protect your current eyelashes, you must buy the right lashes and apply them properly. Ask a professional for help if you still have questions. 

Why Choose Leida Lashes

Leida Lash is one of the best retailers of lashes available. We sell medium and long lashes in all different styles to almost anywhere in the world that receives shipping. However, you may not know all of the reasons Leida Lashes stands out from the crowd.

Fast Shipping

When orders come in, we get to them as quickly as possible. All orders are processed within three days of placing the order. In the United States, you can expect delivery 1 - 4 business days after the order is processed.

In Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, you can expect delivery 5 - 7 business days after the order is processed. In other parts of the world, you can expect delivery seven days after the order is processed. 

Mink Lashes 

Mink lashes are one of the best options available for lashes. Mink is one of the lightest options available, making them particularly comfortable. They are also the most natural-looking option. However, mink lashes are made out of animal materials, so people with allergies may want to consider other options if their allergies are that bad. 


One additional benefit of mink lashes is that they are cruelty-free. No minks are injured in the making of any lashes. These lashes are perfectly suitable for anyone who wants to live an animal-friendly lifestyle.

Rewards Program 

When you spend money at Leida Lash you earn points towards free lashes and discounts. Your new lashes will complete your makeup look and draw attention to your stunning eyes.

You will look at people with newfound confidence and take your new lashes from the office to the club. It doesn't matter if you prefer a natural look or someone who prefers a glam look. You can find the right lashes for you at Leida Lashes.

Apply Lashes

We will give you some quick tips to apply glue and your pair of eyelashes.

First, make sure your eye makeup is done.

Size the lash and cut all excuses band and lash.

We have a 2-in-1 lash glue to make putting on the strips super easy and smooth.

Put on glue and wait 5 seconds and apply false eyelashes. Apply other lash and your makeup should be done.