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Get Huge Eyelashes: What You Need to Know Strips

Huge eyelashes made with mink fur 25mm

Having long, thick, and voluminous lashes is a dream for many women. If you have short or thin eyelashes, it might seem like nothing can help. But that's not the case!

Not only are there loads of ways to get longer lashes, but there are also some fun tricks you can use to make your lashes look fuller and more dramatic. Here are some tips on how to get huge strip lashes.


Why long lashes are important

Long lashes are pretty. They help add visual definition to your eyes and make your eyes appear larger. You might have seen pictures of gorgeous actresses and models with long lashes, such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, and you might have wondered why it's so important to get your lashes long. Here's why:

Since lashes are made out of natural hairs, they grow according to the natural growth patterns of your individual lashes. As you get older, your lashes get thinner and shorter. That's why you need to make sure that your lashes are long enough to be noticeable. If you have thin, sparse eyelashes that fall out too quickly, it won't make them look any fuller, will it?


How to get long lashes

You can buy 25mm mink lashes if you don't want to go through the treatment required to grow longer lashes. 

Honestly, just going with the 25mm mink lashes for big fake lashes will save you the most time and energy. You can take them off once you are done for the day. Giving you that bold look mink lashes give you

If you are want to get naturally long lashes, read on. 


Treat them right. Just like with your hair, your eyelashes need to be treated well if you want them to grow. If you don't give them enough time and effort to take care of them, they might get brittle and break. Even overuse of mascara or eyeliner can damage your lashes.

Always remember to use the lash-boosting products from your favorite brands. Also, never leave mascara or eyeliner on overnight as this can also damage the lashes.


Give them daily treatment. Make sure to take care of your lashes by conditioning them regularly. You can use a quality eyelash serum and rub it on them once in a while. Massaging them can give you longer and more voluminous lashes.


How to make your eyelashes look thicker

There are several ways to get longer eyelashes. The two most common ways are to massage your lashes with one of these products: Anything with coffee extract (namely mascara, eyelash conditioner, and eyelash growth serum) will strengthen your lashes and make them grow.


This might make you think that regular mascara isn't an option, but you can buy a false lash to extend your own lashes with a mascara that you already love.


Macadamia nuts contain melanin which helps to grow lashes. You can apply a face mask, such as the one from the Peptide Labs brand (it's packed with collagen), before bed and when you wake up. The more pores on your skin, the more free radicals in the air, which means your skin will hold onto them. This means more free radicals for your lashes.


Get huge strip lashes.

Lash extensions are always a fun way to achieve dramatic lashes. It doesn't matter what shade your lashes are – have them colored to match your natural color.

Otherwise, go natural and buy a set of strip lashes. Wear mascara and a lash curler. Wearing a lash curler while applying mascara will create a lot of volume. This is because the tiny hairs in your lashes will be exposed and get many curls.


Add a  mink strip lash to your mascara. To make your lashes look even bigger, just curl them with a strip lash. You can do this by making a small pinwheel shape.

This will give you a way to separate your top lashes. If you have the pins, just make sure to secure them to your hair.


How to Make Your Lashes Longer It's simple. You just need to use the right products to boost lashes. Most women do not realize that you need a base coat and a top coat to give your lashes their desired volume.

The base coat is waterproof, so it helps keep the lashes from getting damaged. It also prevents them from breaking. If you want super-long lashes, you need to use mascara or false lashes that match your lashes.

How to Give Your Lashes Volume On its own, a brush may not be enough to give lashes the volume that they need. You can get special false lash extensions to give lashes the extra length and volume they need. These lash extensions also help conceal minor lash damage.


Are you looking for the longest, thickest mink lashes?


Our 25mm mink strip lashes are the longest and thickest on the market. They are so long that they can be cut into shorter lengths to fit your lash line perfectly.


 You will love how soft and fluffy these lashes feel on your eyes! They are lightweight and easy to apply. These lashes will last through multiple uses and can be reused with proper care.

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