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luxury mink 3d lashes, all hand made for extra comfort

Luxury 3D Mink Eyelashes

Hand made lashes with extra comfort.

Luxury 3d Mink Lash Strips

Here at Leida Lashes, we create the highest quality, luxury 3d mink false lash strips for our customers. We have the widest variety of styles, colors, lengths, and widths in the industry.

We’ve taken our time to carefully craft the most luxurious and high-quality false lashes so that you can experience the most comfortable and luxurious lashes ever.

With our lash strips, you can achieve the most natural, flirty, and glamorous look that will have you feeling like a celebrity. Leida Lashes is the best place for you to get your next pair of false eyelashes.


Luxury False Lashes

Luxury mink eyelashes from Leida Lashes come with a high-quality glossy exterior and wispy, soft-touch black inner coating. They provide a high degree of 3D effects, including a full hooded eyelash effect and lash wings with the illusion of feathering. They are available in several different lengths in 18mm lashes, 22mm lashes, 25mm lashes.

Our lashes are bold, sexy, and super comfortable. Made with the highest quality, our strip eyelashes can be worn over 25 times. In addition, these fake eyelashes are easy to apply, give you a natural lash line and enhance your eye, making them genuinely luxurious mink lash strips.

What are 3d mink false lash strips?

It’s a natural hair created by our 3d mink fur manufacturer. There are a few different hair brands in the market, but only the finest fur can withstand the high demands and form the shape of a lash.

However, they require heavy, complicated machines to manufacture. As a result, the price is not low. Nevertheless, they are the best manufacturer for a great lash.

Our lash strips are long, full, bold, natural, and beautiful and can be paired with any lipstick style. We have endless style options that will fit any personality, and we will happily customize your order to meet your needs.

Treat yourself to the most comfortable, luxurious lashes you have ever tried!

So put down the mascara and pick up a pair of our luxurious mink false lashes!

How to choose a set

One of the first things we need to mention is that before you purchase a pair of 3d mink false lashes from Leida Lash, you need to know what kind of lashes you want. There are two main styles of false eyelashes, and you can get whichever pair you prefer. However, when choosing a pair of 3d mink false lashes, finding the best style that’s the most flattering for your eyes is essential.

Whatever type of lashes you get, you must keep in mind that false eyelashes are a fun way to change up your beauty routine. After all, who doesn’t want to step up their beauty routine and wake up looking like a model every day? So, find your favorite style of mascara and create a complete beauty look. We strongly recommend that you try a few pairs of lashes to find the perfect fit for your face.

When Choosing False Eyelash Lenght

Things you need to keep in mind when choosing longer lashes. The type of lash that will look best on you will flow nicely with your eyebrow, not your eye shape.

Your eye shape is responsible for where the lashes will show. Strip lashes are flexible and fit well to all eyes. If you want your eyelashes to look good, they need to follow your eyebrow.

If you have a lot of skin between your out eye and eyebrow, you should get a wingtip, cat-eye look lash. That is fluffy on the outer edge and shorter in length on the inside of your eye. Also, if your eyebrows arch high, you should get longer lashes in the middle of the lash band. It will make your eyes pop.