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Lash Sizes and a Chart For Stip and extension eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions size chart and curl lashes , j curl, b curl, c, curl, d curl, cc curl, l curl

Lash extensions can be categorized by the size to suit your needs. Small lashes(natural eyelashes) are good for people who want their lashes to show more easily on their eyes, while large lashes are great for people with heavy or thick eyebrows or those who want a natural look.

There are also long lashes that will add length to your eye area and short lashes that create a more dramatic effect. We will cover the different sizes of lashes for strips and extensions.


The Natural Lash Length Of your Eyelashes

The average length of the normal lashes will be around 10mm-12mm, So some have longer, and some have shorter. It's a good starting point to measure what size of lashes you want.


The Size of Strip lashes

Strip lashes are made to mimic your own eyelashes' length, so when you put the strip lash on, it will make them look much longer.

Suppose you want a natural look. Use short or medium lashes. For more dramatic looks, go for long or extra-long lashes. There are also different shapes of lashes, so you can find one that suits your eye shape.

You can Find any length of lashes you want in strip lashes or extensions.


Strip lash with a nice curl and deep set eyes no extensions

The photo above is falsies in 22mm length and 3d.


Strip eyelash lengths

Lash lengths for strip lashes.

Size Chart

  • 6-8mm ( thinner lashes for natural eyelash)
  • 10mm ( training lashes)
  • 12mm ( Average natural lashes length )
  • 14mm ( Short Lashes)
  • 16mm ( most popular sizes)
  • 18mm ( Medium volume lashes )
  • 20mm ( Medium Long)
  • 22mm ( Long and bold )
  • 25mm ( Dramatic and bold while still looking natural) also one inch long.
  • 30mm and up ( Drag Queen Length)
  • Customized lashes lengths

 Need to know about lash pen glue? Find out here. 

To find the right length, you can use this guide.

Different lengths of lash in 18 mm 22mm and 25 mm

These are 3d mink lashes sizes 18mm, 22mm, 25mm,


Eyelash Extensions Sizes

Lash extensions come in almost every mm to match your natural lash or to give you more of a bold look. Lash artists usually put on these, but they can be done at home as a DIY.


  • 5mm
  • 6mm
  • 7mm
  • 8mm
  • 9mm
  • 10mm
  • 11mm
  • 12mm
  • 13mm
  • 14mm
  • 15mm
  • 16mm
  • 17mm
  • 18mm
  • 19mm
  • 20mm
  • 21mm
  • 22mm

You get the idea. Lash extension sizes will come in all lengths and curls

Type of Curls for Lash Extensions

  • J curl - more to match straight lashes and lash lift would be recommended since it is just a slight curl. Ask your lash artist what they recommend.
  • B curl- is still a straighter curl but is like that to match natural lashes.
  • C curl - most natural lashes will match this.
  • D curls - d curl create a lash that looks like a D
  • CC curl - Have a bit more curl than most natural lashes.
  • L curl - for the shape of a backward L this is used if the client's natural lash line comes out like an L
  • L+ curl




Different types of Eyelashes Styles

Styles for eyelashes

You have 5 main lash styles a 7 different types of volumes.

Different types of volumes

  • Basic- is a thin lashes style that is mainly straight and looks like natural lashes, no real curls, and more of a flat base.
  • Classic 1:1 - Also, natural lashes that are meant to mat your lashes.
  • Volume 2:1 - The 2 to 1 is supposed to be 2 additional lashes for your 1 natural lash. All these styles are flat base and more of a classic set very popular in older clients who don't want a more dramatic curl but classic lashes and a natural beauty
  • 3d Lashes- one of the most popular curl for strips and lash extensions. They look great with all client's natural lashes while being volume lashes. This style will have a stronger curl, and they are all different lengths. They come in longer eyelashes or the same length as your natural lashes.
  • 4d Volume- This volume technique will provide thicker extensions and more lash curls. At this point, the volume starts to become dramatic, and you would have natural lash extensions anymore.
  • 5D- In eyelash extensions, this would be 5 lashes in one glue spot. Giving you a more dramatic look and a thick lash line. These will be heavier since of the more fullness, but they can have a stunning look when applied correctly.
  • 6d - Same as 5d, but you add one more lash and strip lashes as well.


Different types of Looks

Nature- The natural lashes should follow what you currently have.

Open- Have a v shape that meets in the middle of your lashes

Flirty- Can be mistaken for the cat eye but is sharper with the length of the lashes being in the center.

Cat- The cat-eye look has the lashes grow out continually towards the end. Each lash is getting a little longer each time.

Doll- The doll look is a natural look mixed with some spikes in between. This is a very popular look.



All eyelash extensions and strip lashes will look great, even on hooded eyelids. If you aren't sure what look you want, you can always as your lash artist or follow this guide if you are after a longer lash. If you have thin lashes, you will want to wear a 3d eyelash because it will have a more filling curl.

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