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Individual lashes Vs. Strips, Which One To Choose?

how individual lashes are put on vs strip lashes


What are individual lashes  
What  are strip lashes

This blog post is for all of you girls who are looking to get false lashes put on. I have the perfect answer! Individual lashes vs. strip lashes, which one should you choose? Well, there are a few things to consider before deciding.

First off, individual lashes will be more expensive than strips because they take much longer to put on and apply. On the other hand, individual lash extensions last up to six weeks, while strip ones can sometimes last only two weeks or less. If you're not sure what kind of look you want, then it might be best if you go with strips--they're easier and cheaper but remember that they don't last as long as individual ones do!

What Are Individual Lashes?

Individual lashes are a type of false extension that goes on one lash at a time. Individual lashes give you a full look, so if you want to have fuller-looking lashes, then this is definitely the way to go! Individual lash extensions take about two hours and sometimes even longer, depending on how thick your natural eyelashes are. They are applied with an eyelash adhesive.


What Are Strip Lashes?

Strips are made of synthetic/ natural materials, making them much easier for you or your Lash Tech or an esthetician to apply--it's basically foolproof because they're pre-cut into certain sizes. Because these strip lashes come in different sizes, finding ones that fit perfectly with every person wearing them can be difficult, but most people find success when wearing strips. The cost of wearing strip lashes is significantly cheaper.

Pros and Cons of Strips and Individual

Pros of Individual Lashes


- Individual eyelashes are more natural-looking than strip lashes.

- Individual lash extensions last longer, usually about four to six weeks.

-They can save you time in your morning routine.

-Lashes always look good and full since they are in your real lash.

-You can get them wet

-They are right on your lash line.

-More comfortable



- Individual lashes can be very expensive, and it takes a long time to put them on. Fake lashes or faux can run anywhere from $70-$100 to be applied, and if you want real mink lashes, they can cost $150-$200.

- They take about two hours and sometimes even longer depending on how many lashes you want to be applied.

- Lash extensions can irritate your eyes because of the lash glue.

- The lashes can fall off and cause your natural eyelashes to become thinner.

- Individual lashes can dry out your natural lashes due to the adhesive.

- Extensions can make your natural lashes fall out because of how long they last.

- Eyelashes extensions can irritate your eyes because of how long they are applied.

-You can't rub your eye because it will pull out the extensions

 strip lashes vs individual lashes and how easy they are to apply 4 total steps

Pros of Strip lashes

-You can choose a different style each day or night. Choosing a bold or dramatic look for data night and a classic natural look for work or special occasions.

-Strip lashes are more affordable. It can range from $3 for the cheap one-time wear to $30 for a luxury look.

-You will have a wider selection of lash styles to choose from at your local beauty supply store or online retailers.

-They are super easy to apply.

-Strip eyelashes can be reused up to 25 times if you clean them with warm water and soap or purchased them again from a store.

-Beginners can get a nice look for cheap.

-Wear them when you want.


-You have to put them on when you want to wear them.

-Can be time-consuming in the morning ( there are 2 in 1 eyeliner lash adhesives to help speed up the time to put it on. It Works way better than lash glue.)

-Strip lashes can be uncomfortable.

-You may need to cut the strip lash if it is too big for your eyes and doesn't fit properly on your lid. To make sure they fit the corner of your eyes

-False eyelashes are synthetic, so they don't look as natural as individual ones do. ( There are very natural-looking strip lashes.) Just the synthetic ones don't look as natural.

-They rub off easily or fall out of place because they aren't applied all the way through like Individual Lashes are.

-Some adhesive used for strips isn’t strong enough to hold them throughout an entire day, which means you have to touch up every now and again depending on how active you are during wear time (i.e., gym). Staying still will help prolong use, but there's no guarantee that they won come loose after a little.

Who did we choose as the Winner?

When it comes down to the winner, we can't say which one would win. It really depends on what styles you want are important to you. We did the calculation of the cost it would be to wear both lashes.

Individual lashes cost per day at $100 to get them on, and last 4 weeks = $3.5 to wear a day.


Strip lashes cost per day at $15 pairs that last 25 wears 4 weeks = $.06 per day.

Strip lashes win the cost, but once again, it comes down to what is important to you.

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