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How do you Re-fluffy mink lashes?

How do you Refluffy mink lashes?

When you are done cleaning your lashes this would be the next step.

Find how to clean your mink lashes here.

You can find Fluffy Lashes here.

To get your fake lashes to fluffy mink lashes after a night out you won't need much.

YOu can re fluffy them in 5 easy steps. This should take you about 5 minutes at most.

  1. Clean them with a q-tip
  2. Brush the lashes
  3. Place back in contain/packaging
  4. Apply heat.
  5. Curl the Lashes


Clean with a q-tip

We recommend using some water and rubbing alcohol mix them together. The furs are real and you don't want to damage them much. using the qtip you can go along the hair and remove the makeup. Do not soak the lashes or they will lose their clur.

If you do get them wet don't work you just have to curl them again.

Brush the lashes

Once you have pulled the lashes out you should brush them with an eyebrow brush. This is the same type of brush you would use to clean your eyebrows. This will help separate each lash and make them look nice and fluffy and get rid of any debris.

Place back in contain/packaging to re-curl

After brushing I like to place them back into the small plastic case or packaging they came in. This should help with their curl and give them the shape that they need.

If the case has no-curl to it you can do a few things. Think about how you curl your hair or natural lashes. I would only use an eyelash curler to get the desired curl.

Need an eyelash curler or a lash toolset? find it here.

Apply heat

You could put them under a hairdryer for about 10 seconds or hold them above a lamp and wave the lashes back and forth for 5 seconds. This will help set the curl and even if you do not want it to be perfect it will still look great unless they were really curled, to begin with. If you don't have time for that put them in a window and let the sun fluff them for you.

Curl the lashes


This should only take a few seconds. Again do not curl them to much or you may bend your lashes out of shape. I would apply the heat and then work it through with an eyelash curler for about 5 minutes. If they still need more fluffiness I would repeat the process again. This one time should be enough.

Hope this helped. Remember you do not have to be perfect with it and that the lashes will bend back into shape just like your natural lashes after time or use.

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