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Big Fake Eyelashes: Finding The Right Size For You

Big fake eyelashes guide and how to wear them

Have you ever been told that the shape of your eye determines the style you should be wearing? Well let me tell you why that isn’t always true..

What determines the length is your eyebrow height from your eye. It also will determine the best-suited style of lashes for your overall eye.

This guide is to help those looking to wear long lashes but are unsure about the length or styles that would fit their eyes.


If you already have a style, you love to rock that. These are just style recommendations based on what we believe looks best

Are Big Eyelashes For Everyone?

The short answer is no. Big eyelashes are not for everyone. It depends on how close the eyebrow is to your eye.

The farther away from the eyebrow from the eye, the longer the fake lashes can be. So if you have a short space between you eyelid and eyebrow, then the shorter lashes should be for you.

Are huge/long lashes for you?

 You can probably pull off whatever type of eyelash you want, but this guide is to help you accentuate your natural features so that you can walk out the door and make a statement with just your eyes. After all, longer lashes are fuller, sexier, and will help you attract that certain someone. So of course! Long lashes are for you.

What are the shortest and longest False eyelashes?

The average size of eyelashes that your body naturally produces is 10mm-12mm. This makes 16mm lashes attractive since it only adds a few mm in length and gives more volume.

The shortest lash strip that we found was 9mm in length, and the longest we could find online was 80mm. Now, those are some long fake eyelashes.

Chances are you aren't after those. You are after the 25mm lashes. Those are still long and big and give you the perfect amount of drama. 


Why are big lashes attractive?

Why are big lashes so attractive?

Longer eyelashes on women are beautiful. They help bring out the white in your eyes and the dark ring around your eye ( the iris or limbal rings). Your iris or limbal rings are darkest when you are the most fertile or during your most fertile years.

It's science girls, your body changes to attract someone to you. Long big eyelashes help achieve this. If you really want to attract someone or look your best, we will help you choose the best strip lashes style for you.

How Close is your eyebrow to your eye?

How to see if big eyelashes are for you eye shape and brow

First set to determine if large lashes are for you, we need to see how close your eyebrow is to your eye to determine if really long fake eyelashes are for you

Say what?

Yes, we can't have our huge fake eyelashes going over our eyebrows. It doesn't look natural and is a little off. Now drag queens, I'm not talking about you guys here. You do, you babe.

The closer the eyebrow is to your eye, the shorter the eyelashes you will have to wear. Here ill show you in this image.

How to tell if you can wear long full fake eyelashes

As you can see in this image there is no room for long lashes. Her eyebrows are to close to her eyes. So if she was to wear anything over 16mm they will touch here brows. She needs to stick to the cute lashes at are shorter.  

Really long fake lashes just wouldn't look right. 

The farther away the eyebrow is from your eye, the longer the fake lashes you can wear.

What length of lashes will look best for your eyes. How you can tell at home. 

  1. Measure your index finger.
  2. Put it on the top of your lash with your eyes open .
  3. If your finger overlaps your brows you need shorter lashes .
  4. Does your finger just touches your brow? You can wear 22mm lashes .
  5. If you have skin between your brow and finger you can wear 25mm with ease.

The best way to see what will look the best with your eyes and eyebrows is first to measure your lashes to your eye. You can do this in one easy step.

The average eyelash is 10-12mm long, and the average width of your index finger is 16mm-20mm wide. It would be best to measure your finger-width to get an exact length.

Then hold your finger, so it barely touches your eyelashes with your eye open. Then see if it touches your eyebrow. If it does, you should reconsider shorter lengths. 


The other option is to feel where your brow bone is. Is your eyebrow above that? If it is, you are most likely able to wear 22mm lashes with no worries. 


What are your Eyebrows' Style and can you wear big false eyelashes with them?


We will cover the main eyebrow shapes, and there are six that we have.

Eyebrow chart guide

Note: All lashes will fit all eye shapes. It's the Eyebrow Style/ Shape you need to cater to.

Any lashes style will work great with these eyebrow shapes.

  • Arched
  • Rounded
  • Straight


These Style works best with cat-eye or flares on the outer end of the lash.

  • S-Shaped
  • Steep Arch
  • Upward

Note: if you have room between your brow and your eye you can wear any style of lashes. Here is the guide they use for lash extensions and you can see they follow the brow to the outer corner. 

Eyelashes guide for big fake lashes

The best way is to have the eyelashes follow the shape of your eyebrow. You are filling in the skin area between the eyebrow and eye.

That is what is outlined for a makeup artist or eyelash extension. They always follow the eyebrow when using false lashes. When coming to long eyelashes, they never go over the eyebrow.

Different Types of Big Fake Eyelashes

You can find any lash style in long fake lashes. Mink lashes are great to get the look you want.

You can have the Fluffy, wispy, bold, natural lash, thick and long, or super long and thin.

Here at Leida Lash, we have over 19 styles in longer lashes from 22mm-25mm, then 4 in 18mm lashes.

Chances are, we have a lash style that fits everything we talked about above.

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