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Cat Eye Lashes/Flare Lashes vs Doll Lashes

Everything about cat eye and doll lashes what you need to know

There are many different types of lashes that people can use for their eyes. Flare Lashes, also known as cat eye lashes, are the perfect alternative for those who want a more natural look. Both styles will give you the desired effect of longer-looking eyelashes, but flare lashes are a little thinner and lightweight than doll lashes, not by much.

Doll Lashes come in various lengths and thicknesses, making them ideal for someone with short or sparse eyelashes because they appear to be fuller than standard lash extensions. The downside is that they tend to feel heavier on your eyes and may result in smudging makeup worn during an active day or events like a wedding reception or party.

The looks that these styles give you are super stunning. 


What is a doll eyelash?

The "doll eye" look is very fashionable in the salon right now. The longer lashes are placed midway between the eyes' two pupils for an open-looking effect. It has a lovely and innocent demeanor and is ideal for people with hooded eyes.

Doll lashes are very popular in the salon and in strip lashes. They are easy to put on and give you a great look.


What is a cat eyelash?

This look has an edgy and sophisticated vibe to it. They are thin lashes that build up the volume. That sits on top of your natural lashes and doesn't require any additional extensions giving you a more dramatic look. They widen your eyes and make them appear more prominent.

The name of the cat eyelash is entirely appropriate: it's a lash with extensions toward the outside edges of your eyes. This gives your eyes a more natural appearance. These eyelashes are available in most cosmetics shops and can be found online here at Leidalash.com.

Cat lashes are great for those with tiny eyes, those with a low eyelash line, or anyone whose natural lash is short or sparse - they will give the illusion of a fuller and longer lash line.


What is the difference between cat-eye and doll eye?

Sometimes it can be tricky to tell the difference between the doll eye and cat eyelashes. The easiest way to remember is the cat-eye starts with short lashes on the inside corner of the lash band or eye and gets longer as they go outward to the outer corner.

While doll lashes have sorter lashes on the outside and inside corners of the lash band or eye. They will also have a spike look to them as a pitchfork. Short, long, and short.

Here you can see the difference between the lashes.

The difference between cat eye and doll lashes



What eye shape is best for cat eyelashes?

The best eye shape for cat eyelashes is a round or deep-set eye, as it will give the lashes more of a 3D effect. To make the lashes pop out and stretch, use dark mascara on the bottom lashline and use liner on both top and lower lids.

How to pick based on your eyebrow shape

Most of the time, your eyelashes will be styled to your brow shape.

If you look at most of the eye shapes, the top of the eyelid has the same shape. Letting you wear most strip lashes. SO the deciding factor should be your eyebrow.

Let me show you here.

In the image your can see the different shapes. They all flare out in the end so cat eye works well with almost all eye. Same with doll eye but it would look better on rounded arched and steep arch. 

Showing how the eyebrow is what makes it determine what lashes to wear


What eye shape is good for doll lashes

Doll lashes are perfect for most eye shapes, with the exception of deep-set eyes. They are long and more than likely will be longer than your natural lash, so they do stand out more than cat eye lashes. Doll lashes are perfect for those looking for a no-makeup makeup look which is great if you're on the go! They are more natural than cat eye lashes as they look like your lash line, so you'll need to use mascara.

How to pick based on your eyebrow


Most of the time, doll lashes will match your brows because it's basically a strip of eyelashes that are curled and attached together. You can either trim them or leave them alone if they are too long.

Since doll eyelashes flow with the shape of your eye, they look good with any eyebrow shape.


Who should get cat eyelashes


cat eyelashes on someone

I'm sure you have all seen pictures of celebrities with long, luscious eyelashes. Well, when these stars are not in the spotlight, they are sporting cat eye lashes instead of doll lashes. Cat eyelashes are also better for those who want an easier time applying them themselves. The beauty of these lashes is that they are much more lightweight. Since they lack the thickness doll lashes have, they do not feel heavy on your eyes.


Even though flare lashes make for a lighter lash, it still works well for those who want a thicker lash line. Just don't expect too much volume from a set of flare lashes. If you're looking for fullness when it comes to eyelashes, then you will have to layer flare lashes over doll lashes. Dipping into the realm of falsies may be daunting, but once you get started applying them regularly, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them!


IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR LASHES and eyebrow shape when deciding between going for cat eyelashes or doll lashes!


Before you go out and buy your first pair of lashes, it's best to know what kind of lashes will best fit your face. Cat eyelashes are thicker at the base, whereas doll lashes have a longer taper for an elongated look. If you have smaller eyes, try using thick doll lashes, so there is more emphasis on your eyes and their size. If you have bigger eyes, consider cat eyelashes since they will flatter wider set eyes by providing greater definition to them.

The choice is really up to you! You can get either or both if you're daring enough! I personally like both types because I love my dollish thick eyelashes paired with my naturally thicker eyebrows.

It's all about the natural look; that is why cat eyelashes are a great alternative to doll lashes!

Who should get doll lashes

 Doll eyelashes on women

Doll lashes are traditionally used by those who want a more dramatic look. They are also great for those who have sparse lashes or need to build up their lashes. Doll lashes will give the desired effect of thickerlusher-looking eyelashes. They are heavier than flare lashes, so if you're new to wearing falsies, it might take some time to adjust. It's worth it, though! If you're ready to take the plunge into the fake lash territory, doll lashes are perfect for you. Try keeping your eye shape and eyebrow in mind before deciding which style you want to work with. Doll lashes will bring attention to smaller eyes, while cat-eye eyelashes work well for larger set eyes. 


Who should wear flare lashes, and who should wear doll lashes?

It all depends upon the shape of your eye and face and how you would like to enhance them!

If you have rounder eyes, try doll lashes. These will give your eyes a fuller look without taking away from their naturally round shape. For those with smaller or hooded eyelids, cat eyelash extensions may be a better choice as they will provide greater definition to your eyes by lengthening the line created by your lower lashline. Flare lashes are great for those with big eyes because they can make them even bigger without looking too unnatural. If you're interested in simultaneously enhancing both the length and thickness of your eyelashes, then flare lash extensions (which are thicker at the base and tapers towards the ends) paired with a lower lash mascara will do the trick.

For those who have straight eyelids that are in a monolid, consider going for lashes with a flare at the base to add some length and definition to your eyes. This will open them up and bring attention to your eyes rather than having it all go towards making your lashes appear longer.




How to do a cat-eye look


You might be wondering how to put on cat eyelashes. To begin with, you need to curl your eyelashes and apply mascara before adding the false lash strip to avoid clumping. To apply flare lashes, you'll need a lash adhesive and a tweezer. Once the lashes have been applied, they can be cut down to size. While applying doll lashes may take a bit of practice, it's worth it to achieve the desired look.

Pro tip- If you don't have cat eyelashes and want to try them without buying them, take a natural volume set and cut them in half, and place the lash band on the outside corner for the cat-eye/ flare look. 

In comparison between cat eyelashes and flare lashes, there isn't much of a difference in cost even though flare lashes use less material. This is because more time is required for their production – about an hour – since flare lashes are made by hand with each strand being carefully added one by one onto the base strip using a particular machine that applies just enough glue on each lash tip without making them stick together as they would naturally. Doll eyelashes created much faster than flare or cat eyelashes are made using machines that place multiple lash strands onto one base strip, which is glued down at the same time.

Flare lashes are thinner and more lightweight than doll lashes. Flare lashes are applied in a cat-eye fashion by cutting them to fit the outer corners of the eyes. Doll lashes can be cut to fit any desired shape but typically look best when left in their original form, so they don't appear too unnatural.

How do you do a doll lash look?



To apply doll lashes, you'll need a lash adhesive and a tweezer. Once the lashes have been applied, they can be cut down to size. When applying doll lashes, the focus is on adding volume with many lashes in one single strip that can then be cut to size or left in their original form, depending on preference. Doll eyelashes are typically made using machines that place multiple lash strands onto one base strip, which is glued down at the same time.


Cat-eye vs. doll lash which one should you choose


Remember, no one can tell you your style. This is just a recommendation.

The cat eyelashes are a lot more lightweight, and they give a natural look, while the doll lashes are a lot more thick and full of volume. So for someone who does not want to wear too much makeup or overdone eyelashes, the cat eye lash is the perfect alternative. 

But if you do like making a statement with your makeup and exaggerating everything, then go for the doll lashes!

Do you want more volume? Then go for doll lashes!

Do you want something lighter that still gives you lots of volume? Then go for cat eye lashes!

So if one is not better than the other, which style should I choose? It really depends on what type of look you are going for (natural vs. dramatic). If you do like wearing doll lashes but want even more volume, make sure to check out some of our doll lashes and cat lashes here at leidalash.com.



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