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How To Put On Mink Strip Lashes For Beginners

how to put on strip lashes for beginners quick and easy 4 steps


Above is a makeup artist putting on false eyelashes using eyeliner eyelashes glue.

The quick and easy steps for beginners and makeup pros to put on strip lashes in under a minute. Super easy to follow, and you'll get your lashes next to your lash line every time. 

4 Quick steps to putting on mink strip lashes

  • Measures your lashes
  • Trim your eyelashes
  • Apply glue to your lash line, not the strips
  • Press on your fake eyelashes

Don't overcomplicate it putting eyelashes on is super easy and should be fun. Before there was messy glue and this is the only steps to do it without the drip glue. The Eyeliner glue pen is the way to go.

How to clean your lashes can be found here.

Measures Your Lashes. 

First, you will want to measure your lashes to your eye. Do this by lifting the strip lash to your eye, seeing where the lash band is too long, and trimming the edges for comfort. Do the same thing for the other eye. 


After trimming your lashes. 

Here you will want to use the 2-in-1 eyeliner glue pen. This is what makes the process super easy. It works just like eyeliner. 

Shake the bottle and apply the eyeliner to your desired spot on your eye. Most of the time, this is right about your lash line. We have clear and black for your preference. 

Putting on your lashes

Once eyeliner is on wait for 5 seconds and take your mink strip eyelash and press onto your eye where the glue has been applied. Hold for a second and go onto the next eye. 


The best part is you can put the fake lash on in parts. The lashes glue will hold the lash strips in place. Most like to start with the outer corner or use a lash application tool. This is helpful, but as you can see in the video that it's super easy to put lashes on, and it's only four steps.


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